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balkans simple english wikipedia the free encyclopedia - the balkans is the historic and geographic area a peninsula in southeastern europe the region has a combined area of 550 000 km and an approximate population of 55 million people the region takes its name from the balkan mountains which run through the centre of bulgaria into eastern serbia, best travel writing award winners 2018 - twelfth annual solas awards winners announced march 1 2018 grand prize for best travel story of the year gold 1000 all the grains of sand by angelique stevens, modernist travel writing intellectuals abroad david g - modernist travel writing argues that the travel book is a crucial genre for understanding the development of modernism in the years between the wars despite the established view that travel writing during the interwar period was largely an escapist genre one in which writers hearkened back to the realism of nineteenth century literature in order to avoid interwar anxiety, history of the balkans wikipedia - the balkans is an area situated in southeastern and eastern europe the distinct identity and fragmentation of the balkans owes much to its common and often violent history regarding centuries of ottoman conquest and to its very mountainous geography, another fool in the balkans in the footsteps of rebecca - another fool in the balkans in the footsteps of rebecca west tony white on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in this engrossing and timely book tony white explores both south eastern europe itself and the western european fascination with the balkans following in the footsteps of rebecca west whose engaging and seminal travelogue black lamb and grey falcon a journey, get inspired 19 amazingly cheap places to travel in 2019 - why argentina is a ridiculously cheap country to travel in 2019 while its seemingly never ending economic troubles are bad news for argentinians it does present an excellent opportunity for visitors and the country could use your foreign cash, you re doing it wrong why you should travel to eastern - why you should travel to eastern europe as well as the west venture off the beaten path into eastern europe