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ozark magic and folklore vance randolph 9780486211817 - ozark magic and folklore vance randolph on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the ozark region of missouri and arkansas has long been an enclave of resistance to innovation and newfangled ideas many of the old time superstitions and customs have been nurtured and kept alive through the area s relative isolation and the strong attachment of the hillfolk to these old attitudes, pissing in the snow and other ozark folktales vance - pissing in the snow and other ozark folktales vance randolph rayna green freank a hoffmann on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers vance randolph has long been an undeniable presence on the american folklore scholarship scene his ozark corpus is the best known single body of regional folklore in the united states, regional folklore and mythology pibburns com - pib s collection of regional folklore and mythology resources african excluding egypt african mythology discusses the creator god and ancestor worship in africa african myths and legends by samantha martin offers stories from the bushmen and hottentots folklore about hyenas by robin m weare offers tales from africa about these predators, ozarkers visits to the devil or more precisely to his - the size of devil s den doesn t translate well via photos but the placement of these people just as they stood nearly 115 years ago gives an impression it s so deep that missouri pacific railway engineers hearing of this place many years ago tried to plumb its depths and reported that no bottom, hereditary witchcraft sarah anne lawless - hereditary witchcraft is the transfer from an elder or ancestor of practices magic ritual belief systems and culture from one family member to another also known as family traditionalism or famtrad hereditary witchcraft is the passing down of a specific witchcraft tradition through, folk music index barc to beat - preceding alphabetic section home bottom of file folk music index barc to beat barcarolle mf farewell frank little barclay blues fox curly champion fiddler vol 2 rural rhythm rr 252 lp 1972 trk 16 the bard of armagh on 363 campbell thomas traditional rm cowboy s lament i mf phelim brady ives burl irish songs duell sloan bk 1958 1955 p 74, folk music index pl to poly - preceding alphabetic section home bottom of file folk music index pl to poly la place veillon jean michel grada landing step compass 7 4382 2 cd 2004 trk 11b a place called hell rogers grant rogers grant songmaker of the catskills folk legacy fsa 027 lp 1965 trk 22 a place for girls like you hayes red, list of cryptids wikipedia - this is a list of cryptids from the greek krypto meaning hide or hidden notable within cryptozoology a pseudoscience and subculture that presumes the existence of animals and plants that have been derived from anecdotal or other evidence considered insufficient by mainstream science while biologists regularly identify new species cryptozoologists focus on entities, top 10 irish myths and legends toptenz net - ireland s long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore ireland s ancient societies the druids and the celtics believed in the power of magic and many of these beliefs spread to modern day legends told again and again across the country, albuquerque folk festival performance stages - we re working on 2019 information we re moving to a new location bosque school we re also moving to a new date june 15 2019 we re busy planning a wonderful festival with entertainment workshops and dancing all day saturday june 15, waterparks in memphis tn on familydaysout com - memphis bluff city the river city the city of music the city for kids fun there s no doubting this fantastic city is famous for it s music with graceland rock n soul museum and sun studio but the city is also filled with places to go with kids, classic country weekaugusta heritage center of davis - country music borrows from folk pop blues swing and religious sources and yet it is distinctly different it is easily remembered loves to tell a story and invites you to dance