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iamthespeedhunter your bike powered builds speedhunters - this month we received a huge volume of email submissions containing formula sae cars formula style race cars built for an engineering design competition for students and it was certainly tricky to narrow these down as they were all impressive however the first bike powered fsae, 87 fun office games and activities that make work awesome - if you re looking for some fun office games and activities to make your company a better place to work this is the only list of ideas you need, the power meters buyer s guide 2015 edition dc rainmaker - please see my 2016 edition of the power meter buyers guide located here once again it s time for the annual power meter buyer s guide it s mind boggling how quickly a year has come and gone and just how many more entrants are now on the scene, uae car eventsmotoring middle east car news reviews and - automobili e cafe saturday 18 march 9am 1pm a drive from sunset mall to the last exit al qudra in a convoy of italian made cars from lamborghini s to fiats and those who just appreciate artigianale italiana this is an event you shouldn t miss, nike women s marathon sf 2016 2017 date registration - nike women s marathon in san francisco california is the largest woman s marathon in the world and the 2015 run will be the 12th anniversary of the event, your manager sucks and isn t going to change ask a manager - john may 18 2015 at 7 55 am 1 as someone who sits on a board i can say that the only time to speak up is if members of the board not lone wolves but the board chair personnel committee etc take you aside for your input making it clear in the process that they suspect there is an issue with the president, firecracker 50 maverick sports promotions where the - greetings and welcome to the 2018 firecracker 50 presented by lincoln park at the wellington neighborhood this year s race is on july 4th it s always on the 4th no matter what day of the week it falls, 4 things i observed from my trip to new york city return - this article was originally published on roosh v i went to new york recently for a two night business trip as short as it was i kept my eyes open to digest as much as i could about the city and its people, looking a gift horse in the mouth slate star codex - i started criticizing social justice back in 2010 which doesn t sound so impressive until you realize that s two centuries ago in internet years, wave coming too large to duck under warren pollock - greg is the producer and creator of usawatchdog com the site s slogan is analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what s really going on the site will keep an eye on the government your financial interests and cut through the media spin usawatchdog com is neither democrat nor, sponsorship opportunities sponsorracecars com - 1000 1 171105 phillip jones level 4 we will install your logo on the hood of the car and also both rear quarter panels or the rear bumper for the 1st half of the season from april to june, mbr mbr bookwatch january 2015 - cowper s bookshelf rites of passage at 100 000 to 1 million new edition john lucht viceroy press c o cardinal publishers group dist 2402 north shadeland ave suite a, european drag racing news eurodragster com - zeon tv dvds review 14th december this year there are no less than ten zeon tv dvds covering uk drag racing and we are grateful to helen todd and dave coleman of zeon for supplying review copies simon writes we ll start with the four class oriented dvds and then go through the six dvds covering events in their order, what does the 33 mean on the rolling rock label - the reservoir that was used by the brewery for its main water source was fed by 33 streams the list of ingredients on the label water malt rice hops corn brewer s yeast totals 33 letters not counting the commas or the apostrophe, channel homepage nationalgeographic com - a mysterious illness sweeps through the colonies in present day on earth experts shed light on an indigenous health crisis